Saturday, June 17, 2017


If you have Frosty Rose (fixed) from the original source - the password is 2016


I have not used FireTV much. This looks like a good place to start.
It looks like we can bypass all the apk transferring to Fire.

On FireTV
Install Downloader - then:
  open in browser - install
Use Aptoide-TV to install stuff
(This all had it's own mouse toggle function.)

If you do not see this, you have spelled it wrong

I just put it on an original Fire Stick I've never used. Installed Terrarium and it works flawlessly. The interface is a little slower than what I'm accustomed to with the Shield but hey, it works. I wonder how much crap I can install on a Fire Stick without killing it.

To install Private Internet Access open Downloader and enter

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Window 7 SP2?

I am totally sick of running WSUS on new installs of Windows 7.
Yes I had SP1 slipstreamed into the install but we are way beyond that.
How-To-Geek has a fantastic tutorial for integrating the rollups to make things more current.
You can follow his instructions verbatim to make a more current Win7-Install.iso.

One hickup at the end:
I was on a Windows 10 machine so "Deployment Tools Command Prompt" was not listed in the Start Menu (at least I couldn't find it). I used EverythingSearch to find it. It was on the machine but the AIK programs were not listed on the Start Menu.

Another way of doing this is here. It involves using NTLite, which I have never been that fond of, but I'm sure it works fine.

Mount ISO WinCDEmu

Get it here

It you are on Windows 10 you do not need this to mount an ISO. Just right click the ISO and "mount".

I use this when wanting to run an ISO. To extract an ISO it may be better to use a zip program.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Finding Ebooks

Ebook Search

Torrents of course

This one is new to me and it's crazy fast but a little quirky to use.
Hexchat (Even though it seems to install just pick a portable directory and choose the portable option when offered.) You can install it if you wish.
(Be careful moving the Hexchat folder after you run it. The download folder may need to be re-established. If you get failed downloads, check the location of your download folder.)
(set no SSL option or it will not connect)

Use all fake names of course.
Connect to irchighway (try undernet also for ebooks or Bookz)
Join #ebooks
@searchook book or author
If a list is offered, click on it. A download will then be offered so accept it. Better yet go to settings and set automatic download without input from you.
Open the file list and select the string of what you want.

The string will look similar to this:
!dragnbreaker White, Randy Wayne - Doc Ford 01 - Sanibel Flats

Omit the obvious stuff at the end of the string. Paste the string into chat and a new offering will be made. Follow the same procedure.

The answers all come from bots and will quickly follow your search but not instantaneously so wait a few secons. The answer will be an obvious block of different color and should pop up automatically.. Don't worry about "bothering" anyone. Bots don't have feelings so search away. When you are choosing a download string be aware of the different formats ie mobi, epub, etc.

Irchighwaydoes not mind VPN as far as I can tell. I have not yet used undernet.

Here is Reddit post on the subject.

Fix USB Flash Drive Access

Download Bootice

I needed this again and had a heck of a time finding it even on my own blog.
This thing is magic for fixing a flash drive with a faulty partition. My drive was installed and reported as working but would not show in explorer. It would show in drive manager but I could not do anything with it. Once again, Bootice fixed it for free with this little portable program.

I found this but have not tried.
USB Flash/Pen Drive Repair Tool

Monday, June 12, 2017